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About us

The Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) is a learned society formed in 1953. It exists to encourage the study of all matters relating to the art and history of time measurement, to foster and disseminate original research, and to encourage the preservation of examples of the horological and allied arts. The society's President is Dr Patricia Fara.

In order to achieve its aims, the AHS hosts meetings, talks and events around the UK and overseas; publishes a range of specialist books as well as a quarterly journal, Antiquarian Horology; and supports education, conservation and historical research through a series of bursaries, prizes and awards. It also runs special-interest groups on wristwatches, electric timekeeping and public clocks.

The AHS is run by a Council elected from the membership and supported by a small staff and advisors.

Council members: James Nye (Chair), Jonathan Betts (Vice-Chair), Rory McEvoy, Edward Powell (Librarian), David Rooney, Richard Stenning, James Stratton, David Thompson and Alan Treherne.

Officials and advisors: Wendy Barr (Secretary), Dee Foster (Assistant Secretary), Peter de Clercq (Journal Editor), Martin Ridout (Webmaster) and Bill MacNay (Accountant).

Rodney Law, our Vice-President and distinguished former Council member, continues to support the society.


Dr Patricia Fara
Dr Patricia Fara


Staff and specialists

Wendy Barr (Secretary)
Dr Peter de Clercq Martin Ridout
Peter de Clercq (Editor) Martin Ridout (Webmaster)


Members of Council

Dr James Nye (Chairman)
James Nye (Chairman) Jonathan Betts MBE (Vice Chairman)
Rodney Law
Rodney Law (Vice President) Rory McEvoy
Ted Powell David Rooney
Ted Powell (Librarian) David Rooney
Richard Stenning James Stratton
Richard Stenning James Stratton
David Thompson ASlan Treherne
David Thompson Alan Treherne