The AHS has a busy programme of meetings held across the UK and overseas.

The London Lecture Series is the flagship for the society and for 2018 these lectures will continue to take place in the spacious apartments of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in their listed and historic building on Parliament Square.

Our Annual Meeting and AGM for 2018 was a two-day event at Keele University, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Edward Massey. Including a special lecture by AHS President Patricia Fara, this was an event not to be missed!

Specialist AHS groups cater for those interested in wristwatches, electrical horology and turret clocks.

Regional meetings, which are held around the UK, in Europe and in North America, usually take the form of lectures, tours or visits to museums and collections.

Our study tours let AHS members and their families and friends see horological collections around Europe.

Meetings calendar 2018

12 Northern Section AGM
18 Council Meeting
18 London Lecture
20 East Anglian Section Meeting

3 South Eastern Section Meeting
7 Midlands Section Meeting
9 Northern Section Meeting
17 Southern Section Meeting

7 Midlands Section Meeting
9 Northern Section Meeting
10 Electrical Horology Group Meeting
15 Council Meeting
15 London Lecture
17 East Anglian Section Meeting
17 Turret Clock Group Meeting
24 Southern Section Meeting
24 Wales & Marches HS Meeting

7 Midlands Section Day Out
7 South Eastern Section Meeting
13 Northern Section Meeting

2 Midlands Section Meeting
5 Southern Section Meeting
10 Council Meeting
12-13 AGM & Annual Conference, Keele              
18 Northern Section Meeting
19 East Anglian Section Meeting
22 Northern Section Visit

2 Southern Section Summer Visit
2 South Eastern Section Meeting
8 Northern Section Meeting
9 Electrical Horology Group Meeting
5-7 Turret Clock Group Summer Tour
13 Northern Section Meeting
19 Council Meeting
19 London Lecture
21 East Anglian Section Meeting
28 Wristwatch Group Meeting

10 Northern Section Meeting

1 Southern Section Meeting
1 Midlands Section Day Out
14 Northern Section Meeting
15 East Anglian Section Meeting
20 Council Meeting
20 London Lecture
23 Electrical Horology Group Meeting

3 Midlands Section Meeting
6 Turret Clock Group Autumn Tour
6 South Eastern Section AGM
11 Wrist Watch Group Meeting
12 Northern Section Meeting
13 Southern Section Meeting
13 Wales & Marches HS Meeting
13 South Eastern Section Tour

7 Midlands Section Meeting
9 Northern Section Meeting
15 Council Meeting
15 London Lecture
17 Electrical Horology Group AGM
17 East Anglian Section Meeting
24 Midlands Section AGM & Club Day

1 Southern Section Meeting
1 South Eastern Section Meeting
14 Northern Section Meeting

BRUNEL Clock & Watch Fair - 2 December
MIDLAND Clock & Watch Fair - 21 October
ESSEX Clock & Watch Fair - 30 September
WEST COUNTRY Clock & Watch Fair - 25 November