Midlands Section

In Room SO13 Social Studies Building, University of Warwick, Coventry, at 7.30 pm, unless otherwise state

Wednesday 3 March 2021  (online via Zoom)

LECTURE: ‘Tale of My Four Repeater watches’ by Ashley Strachan

Wednesday 7 April 2021  (online via Zoom)

LECTURE: ‘German and English Posted-Frame Clocks’ by John Robey – a live demonstration

Wednesday 5 May 2021  (online via Zoom)

LECTURE: ‘The Royal Liver Clock’ by Colin Reynolds

Wednesday 2 June 2021  (online via Zoom)

LECTURE: ‘Black Marble Clocks for the Connoisseur’ by Bill Wolmuth

The virtual meetings will start at 7.30pm, on Zoom. Interested parties should contact the section’s secretary Derry Clifford on derry@watch-works.co.uk for details.
Invitations will be limited to 50 participants.