Sample articles from Antiquarian Horology

From Volume 41 Issue 4, December 2020
‘Unfreezing Time #4’ by Patricia Fara

From Volume 41 Issue 4, December 2020
'The Chandos Delander' by Jeremy Evans and Ann McBroom, with appendices by Richard Garnier and Guy Boney

From Volume 41 Issue 3, September 2020
‘Unfreezing Time #3’ by Patricia Fara

From Volume 41 Issue 3, September 2020
'A miniature time ball from Synchronome' by Norman Heckenberg and Anthony Roberts

From Volume 41 Issue 2, June 2020
‘Unfreezing Time #2’ by Patricia Fara

From Volume 41 Issue 2, June 2020
‘Picture Gallery: Time locks’ by Mark Frank

From Volume 41 Issue 1, March 2020
‘Unfreezing Time #1’ by Patricia Fara

From Volume 41 Issue 1, March 2020
‘Women and Horology. Report on work in progress’

From Volume 40 Issue 4, December 2019
‘Was there high-quality, wholesale movement manufacture in seventeenth-century London?’

From Volume 40 Issue 3, September 2019
‘Museum profile: The horological collection of the Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milan’

From Volume 40 Issue 2, June 2019
‘Some further early clocks from Nuremberg’ by Dietrich Matthes and Rocío Sánchez-Barrios

From Volume 40 Issue 1, March 2019
‘The clockmaker’s art in the service of crime: the so-called ‘Thomas disaster’ on 11 December 1875 in Bremerhaven’ by Günther Oestmann

From Volume 39 Issue 4, December 2018
‘Drocourt’s porcelain tributes to Romantic Love and Royal Victory. Art-historical appreciation of rare carriage clocks’ by Larry L. Fabian

From Volume 39 Issue 3, September 2018
Salisbury, Wells and Rye –  the great clocks revisited by Keith Scobie-Youngs

From Volume 39 Issue 2, June 2018
Showtime at Oxnead: The timekeepers depicted in The Paston Treasure by Jonathan Betts

From Volume 39 Issue 1, March 2018
The first transparent watch by Juan F. Déniz

From Volume 38 Issue 4, December 2017
Edmund Howard (1710–1798): A Quaker clockmaker in Chelsea by James Nye

From Volume 38 Issue 4, December 2017
Adam, the Devil and the Supernatural: An unusual English lantern clock revisited by John A. Robey

From Volume 38 Issue 3, September 2017
The horological legacy of Stanley John Wise by Geoffrey A. Horner

From Volume 38 Issue 2, June 2017
The story behind PATENT SURETY ROLLER stamped on carriage clocks by Thomas R. Wotruba

From Volume 38 Issue 1, March 2017
The National 15. The decline of British watchmaking and the role of Smiths in a hoped for recovery by David Read

From Volume 38 Issue 1, March 2017
The Crystal Palace Clock by James Nye

From Volume 37 Issue 4, December 2016
A Time to Remember by Rory McEvoy

From Volume 37 Issue 3, September 2016
W. E. Frodsham No.1. Another chronometer identified from HMS Beagle’s second voyage by Simon C. Davidson and Peter Linstead-Smith

From Volume 37 Issue 2, June 2016
A fourteenth-century Italian turret clock by Marisa Addomine

From Volume 37 Issue 1, March 2016
Picture Gallery - Turret clock by James Harrison of Hull, 1845
A wrist chronograph, a radio amateur and a handful of wichety grubs by David Read

From Volume 36 Issue 4, December 2015
Short-time measurement – the contribution of German electrical horology by Thomas Schraven

From Volume 36 Issue 3, September 2015
Watchmaking in Saxony – a review by Sibylle Gluch

From Volume 36 Issue 2, June 2015
Remembering the first battery-operated clock by Beverley F. Ronalds

From Volume 36 Issue 1, March 2015
Moncas of Liverpool. A short history of a nineteenth-century watch-making family by Michael W. Paice

From Volume 35 Issue 4, December 2014
Antoine Redier’s ingenious Comparateur Chronométrique for precise time comparisons by Phillip Arnott 

From Volume 35 Issue 3, September 2014
Time balls at Greenwich and Adelaide – a direct personal connection by Douglas Bateman, Lesley Abell and Roger Kinns

From Volume 35 Issue 2, June 2014
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin (1805–1871). From mechanical to electrical horology by Françoise Collanges

From Volume 35 Issue 1, March 2014
Barwise & Sons: watchmakers to the King. A brief history of family and firm by A.D. Stewart

From Volume 34 Issue 4, December 2013
Ole Rømer’s temperature correction of pendulum clock rates, by Poul Darnel

From Volume 34 Issue 3, September 2013
An Unusual Movement, by Peter Gosnell

From Volume 34 Issue 2, June 2013
30-hour iron wall clock dated 1748, pictures and text by John A. Robey

From Volume 34 Issue 1, March 2013
Jan van Call and the age of the pendulum clock in the Netherlands, by Pier van Leeuwen

From Volume 33 Issue 6, December 2012
Extract from 'Horological News'

From Volume 33 Issue 5, September 2012
God Save the King. The Automaton Ship and Silver Shagreen Case, by Brittany Cox

From Volume 33 Issue 4, June 2012
Big Ben - New discoveries, Part 1, by Chris McKay

From Volume 33 Issue 3, March 2012
A Time-Telling Telescope, by Richard Dunn and Lavinia Maddaluno

From Volume 33 Issue 2, December 2011
The Electric Remontoire, by David Read

From Volume 33 Issue 1, September 2011
Thomas Hampson ‘of Wrexham’ - his Chester phase, by Steve and Darlah Thomas

From Volume 32 Issue 6, June 2011
A Family of Longcase Movements with an Early Anchor Escapement circa 1670, by Alan Fersht

From Volume 32 Issue 5, March 2011
Sidney Better - Watch Springer and Timer, by Paul Myatt

From Volume 32 Issue 4, December 2010
Minute Repeating in Tompion’s Lifetime, by Sebastian Whitestone

From Volume 32 Issue 3, September 2010
An Unusual English Lantern Clock, by John Robey

From Volume 32, Issue 2, June 2010
Pocket Chronometer 912 by John Adam Mangaar, by Tony Proctor

From Volume 32, Issue 1, March 2010
Twelve 10 x 8 inch Glass Plate Clock Negatives, by Peter Gosnell

From Volume 31, Issue 6, December 2009
The Secret Of Ploërmel. Brother Bernardin’s Astronomical Clock, by Bernard North

From Volume 31, Issue 5, September 2009
Wiiliam Caslon's Foundry Clock, by Clive Ponsford.

From Volume 29, Issue 3, March 2006
Occasion's Bald Behind - A neoclassical dial by John Owen of Llanrwst by William Linnard