AHS bursaries

The AHS supports conservation and research by providing financial bursaries.


The AHS supports the conservation of horological objects and is happy to consider applications for bursaries from interested parties able to meet the following criteria.

1. The object should be of major horological importance, particularly where it is also in danger of significant deterioration.
2. The scheme of conservation and the implementation of the work should be in line with generally accepted conservation guidelines, as laid down by ECCO/ICON.
3. The AHS would be a contributor to the cost of conservation and not normally the major sponsor of the work.
4. There should be an ongoing plan for the continued care of the object.
5. The object should be acccessible to the public on completion of the work.
6. The work should result in a lecture to the AHS or an article or other publication.

Applications meeting these criteria should be made to the AHS Secretary.

A recent conservation project supported by the AHS (in partnership with the fund for the Preservation of Industrial and Scientific Material) was the Ahasuerus Fromanteel pendulum clock at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford. This clock, dating from the early 1660s, is an important example of the earliest type of English longcase clock incorporating a number of innovative design features. It had been untouched for many years but was in danger of deterioration. It can now be seen on show in full working order, and a presentation was given by its conservators at the AHS London Lecture series.


The AHS actively encourages research into the history of timekeeping, and is happy to consider applications for financial bursaries to support research activity in this area. The main criteria are that the subject is of major horological importance and is one which the AHS deems to be insufficiently covered by previously published work. It should result in a publication or lecture to the AHS. The award is based on need and is intended to defray direct expenses incurred in the research. Applications meeting these criteria should be made to the AHS Secretary.

An AHS Research Bursary is currently supporting the work of Francoise Collanges and Matthew Read to undertake preliminary research into the production of 'pendules de paris' clocks.