Recent London Lecture notices

January 2019

'Capturing Time: Photography and the Measurement of Time in the 19th Century' by Geoff Belknap

November 2018

‘Time before the Oscillator: Horology in the 13th Century Manuscripts of the Libros del Saber’ by Sebastian Whitestone

September 2018

The Knibb Clocks of the University of St Andrews and the Origins of the Tic-Tac Escapement’ by John Redfern

July 2018

‘Staking a Claim to "Practical Science": the Clockmakers Versus the Spectacle Makers in the Long 18th Century’ by Rebekah Higgitt

March 2018

"The Lines, Which Are So Very Fine": John Harrison, William Hogarth and the Trouble With Drawing a Line of Longitude’ by Katy Barrett

January 2018

‘How To Make an Atomic Clock’ by Helen Margolis

November 2017

‘Berlin or Birmingham: Finding a Market for the Black Forest Clock’ by Richard Constable

September 2017

'The Antikythera Mechanism and Mechanical Universes' by Professor Mike Edmunds

July 2017

'Edward John Dent’s Glass Springs: a Historical and Artefactual Study' by Jenny Bulstrode

March 2017

‘Casing Watches and Automata: The Goldworkers and Enamellers of Geneva’ by Julia Clarke

January 2017

‘The Politics of Precision: Standard Time and Violent Protest, 1884–1914’, by David Rooney

November 2016

'The Making of the Modern Clock and Watch Dial, 1550-1770', by Jane Desborough

September 2016

'Galileo, Huygens and the Invention of the Pendulum Clock' by Sebastian Whitestone

July 2016

'Engine Turning and Horology: History, Machines and Techniques' by David Wood-Heath

March 2016

'Metals for Horology: a History of the Brass and Related Industries' by Angus Patterson

January 2016

'Sundials: History, Art, People and Science' by Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd

November 2015

'Frogs, Frequencies and Forks: The Bulova Accutron and the Tuning Fork as a Time Standard' by Andrew Nahum

September 2015

'Insights into the Horological Trade in Georgian London: Evidence from Old Bailey Trials' by David Bryden

July 2015

'Exhibiting Horology Across the Channel: International Exhibitions in London and Paris 1850-1870' by Françoise Collanges

March 2015

'New Light on Chronometer-Makers and the Instrument Trades' by Gloria Clifton

January 2015

'Almost at a Single Glance: Visualisation of Historic Time in the Eighteenth Century' by Stephen Boyd Davis

November 2014

'Learning from the Artefact: the Marine Chronometers at Greenwich' by Jonathan Betts

September 2014

'The Speaking Clock in the History of Public Relations' by David Rooney

July 2014

'The Faking of English Watches' by David Penney

March 2014

‘The Turret Clocks of Salisbury, Wells and Rye’ by Keith Scobie-Youngs

January 2014

Observatory Time by Radio by David Read

November 2013

‘Justin Vulliamy and the Swiss Community – Networking in 18th-century London’ by Roger Smith

September 2013

‘The Time Ball at Greenwich’ by Douglas Bateman

July 2013

‘Bahne Bonniksen and the karrusel watch revisited’ by Clare Woodward

May 2013

'Decimal Clocks and Ten-Day Weeks: the French Republican Calendar' by Matthew Shaw

January 2013

‘James Short, telescope-maker, and his support for chronometer-maker John Harrison’ by Jim Bennett

November 2012

'Bankruptcy and insolvency in the English horological trade, 1720-1849' by David Bryden

September 2012

'Clocks for the Transits of Venus' by Matthew Read

July 2012

'A Good Time in Berlin - the remarkable clocks of Normal-Zeit' by James Nye

March 2012

'The Great Collectors: J. Pierpont Morgan' by David Thompson

January 2012

Special Event - First meeting at Burlington House

November 2011

'George Graham, Watchmaker' by Rory McEvoy

September 2011

'The Life and Times of Edward East' by Oliver Cooke

July 2011

'The Great Knibb' by Andrew King

March 2011

'The Gretton Project' by Dennis Radage

January 2011

'The horological collector Revd. Henry Leonard Nelthropp' by David Thompson

November 2010

'Hope and Glory: a horological battle for survival, 1910-1945' by Philip Whyte and Richard Stenning

September 2010

'Ahasuerus Fromanteel and the early pendulum clock' by Rebecca Pohancenik

July 2010

'The Bowes Swan' by Matthew Read

March 2010

'Researching & writing 'Shaping the Day' by Paul Glennie and Nigel Thrift

January 2010

'William Edwards Miller' by David Thompson

November 2009

'The Great Clock of Westminster' by Chris McKay