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To be held at Trinity Methodist Church, Trinity Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 3ED at 7.30pm, unless otherwise stated

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Meetings - 2021

Due to Covid restrictions the only meetings held by the Northern Section were in October and November 2021

A Project in Progress (November 2021)

Jim Arnfield told members about two seemingly identical anonymous electric wall clocks he has recently restored. On closer inspection the two differed in many subtle ways. Jim believes they were made by PA Bentley in the early years of the twentieth century before his patent of 1910/11. He described all the many jobs involved in the restoration. The clocks were run by an earth battery but the current owner will have the option of running each from a modern battery.

November 20-2 The movement of the clock on the left.jpg
The movement of the clock on the left above
November 20-3 the backboards.jpg
The backboards showing the wiring
Novermber 20-4 the trolleys.jpg
The trolleys. The one on the left is the newly made trolley for the clock on the left, above

Horology of the Arts and Crafts Period (October 2021)

A group of members showed a variety of clocks and watches made between 1880 and 1920. These included a sketch of a dial by Charles Rennie MacIntosh for a mantel clock; an electric clock in the form of a copper cased robot; a silver French or Swiss pocket cricket alarm clock, another silver pocket watch signed ‘Turner’s Patent, Bury’, which had puzzling numbering on its dial; a French brass pillar clock and also a Triumph alarm clock made by the Ansonia Clock Company from 1883. This was our first face-to-face meeting since March 2020.

October 21-1 CRM Design of a Clock Face.jpg
Sketch of dial by Charles Rennie MacIntosh, 1917, for his patron WJ Basset-Lowke. The case was to be of plastic with erinoid, a form of plastic discovered during the A&C period used here to imitate gemstones
October 21-2 robot.jpg
Copper and enamel electric clock in the form of a robot
October 21-3 cricket alarm pocketwatch x2.jpg
Late nineteenth century cricket alarm pocketwatch made in France or Switzerland. Inside the case is a blue steel disc with a spike which engages a pin on a rotating wheel. When engaged the spike vibrates against the disc imitating the sound of a cricket
October 21-4 Robert Turner Dial Front.jpg
Silver pocket watch by Robert Turner of Bury c.1890. The numbering on the dial is puzzling: the outer ring is marked in multiples of 80 up to 960 and the subsidiary timer dial at Vl is marked 1-16 and rotates once every second. The owner would like to know the purpose this watch was made to serve